Survey Results

Throughout August, September and October 2017, the St Blaise Neighbourhood Plan working group conducted an in-depth household survey. The survey was available online, via this website,  and in addition a paper copy was sent to every household in the parish. Its aim was to investigate and understand the opinions of local residents on several topics; housing, natural environment and economy, which would help to shape the policies in the Neighbourhood Plan.
A total of 3,200 surveys were produced; 3,142 sent to all households and an extra 58 dotted around the parish. A total of 18 were undelivered. Click here -> 'to see the survey questionnaire'.

Of these survey forms distributed, 316 copies  were completed and returned.

Survey results report

The collated results can be seen in the 'Survey results report' PDF document

Some of the questionnaire responses have been collated in a more visual format. It is recognised that the more mature members of the community have more time to fill in questionnaires, so the data is shown as a total, and then the responses from Over 30s and Under 30s shown separately, to assess whether there is any significant difference in the views of different age groups. Please let us know if you have any comments on the responses - see 'Selected Qs report' PDF document

The full survey results were originally collected in MS Excel Spreadsheets which you can access here - firstly, the full results and then split into the 2 age groups of under and over 30........

Selected Qs report
Full results
Under 30s
Over 30s