Press release- Website Launch.

Residents of St Blazey are being given the opportunity to influence the future of their town with the launch of a new website. has been launched as part of the government funded Neighbourhood planning programme. St Blazey has been chosen as one of the front runners for the scheme which will see residents of the town have their say on future developments.

The Neighbourhood planning programme enables residents of the town, through the Town Council, to produce a plan. This will shape the planning process for the area and all future planning applications will then need to be inline with its aims.

Questionnaires will be regularly posted on the website for residents to complete with the first set of questions already available on the site. As the scheme progresses and the questionnaires are submitted the results will also be available on line. The results will be used to establish the needs of the community and these will be reflected in the plan.

The website has been funded by St Blaise Town Council and has been created in a bid to ensure that every resident has the opportunity to have their say on the plan.

Full details on the scheme so far and the background behind it can be found on the site